Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Strict Weight loss

Congratulations to my sissy girl Michelle

After months of work. After months of dedication and sweat Michelle has at last reached her goal weight and she looks FABULOUS. I am so proud of my Michelle for all the work she has done.

Changing her body shape was a goal she had asked me to assist her with as part of her distance sissy training. When she started with me she was only just able to squeeze into a size 20 skirt. Now she is looking so lady like and lovely in a new size 16 shape. She now has an excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes. What sissy wouldn't love that. I'd love to be able to post a pic of her with her new look, but unfortunately (as many of you will understand, she is a little 'shy')

Master Jay a wonderfully skilled Dom and personal trainer is a dear friend of mine and he designed a diet and exercise program for Michelle. Every week she would weigh and measure herself for us. Even though she is in North America and I am here in Australia, she was constantly monitored and her progress reviewed. The Internet offers so many amazing tools.

Thank you Master Jay for your dedication and skill. Michelle has reached her goal and I couldn't be more proud.

Well done my girl. Keep up the GREAT work.


candy said...

Great job Michelle
i would love to have a strict deit as well i would love to get out of the X-large sizes and buy more pretty clothes. can You help me too?

candy said...

how long was she on the deit? and what was it like?

WickedMichael said...

Dear Mistress,
Would love to see/learn Michelle's diet, to see if it possible to follow it (verus my lifestyle!).

All of us should be fit and slim (within reason) as it is more healthy.

So is this diet up online somewhere?



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